So what is real ale? It refers to living beer that continues to ferment and develop in the cask, (i.e. barrel) after it has been racked, which means after being taken from the main brewing vessel and put into casks ready for sale, the yeast continues a secondary fermentation to enhance and condition the beer, and further improve the more intricate flavours, even though the main brewing process has been completed.

Brewers look to create a range of flavours in the beers they brew, this being dependant on the types of malt used, the variety of hops and other natural ingredients, and the target abv, (alcohol by volume). Some people believe that only high abv’s result in full flavours, but this is not necessarily true. Since duty is levied on the abv %, the best result for the customer is a d
elicious low abv beer – all the flavour at a lower price! Special ingredients can be introduced, such as coriander. This was in use long before hops became widely available.

At the Derehams Inn we like to support the local breweries such as Loddon, Rebellion and Vale Brewery, and we have several of their great range of beer on throughout the year.

We have an excellent selection of real ales on tap, three guest ales changed weekly and two regular ales, London Pride, and a Loddon Beer, so there is plenty of choice for the
 real ale fanatic!.

Annually, we hold a beer festival, where we have around 20 beers on tap for the weekend.

So enjoy real ale, it’s the “real deal”, and has succoured the nation since Adam was a boy!